10 Ways To Fix A Sexless Marriage

The correlation between happy sex life and marriage is overwhelming. Researchers have found those in satisfying relationships reported more frequency of sex, the explicitness of sexual communication, and greater satisfaction with the way both their relationship and their sex life are going. Sex is one of the pillars of a healthy marriage because it’s what brought you together as a couple. Healthy and happy couples who have an active sex life are more likely to stay together.

10 Ways To Fix A Sexless Marriage

The opposite is true for couples with a sexless marriage. It affects their relationship because they feel disappointed and unfulfilled and that their marriage will not last. This is mainly based on the assumption that if a couple is having trouble making love, it means they are having trouble connecting in other ways.

Sexless marriage is considered a serious issue because of its effect on both partners as well as their relationship… The negative influences that sexless marriages have on both husband and wife may cause them to seek out relationships outside the marriage. These people who are continuously deprived of sexual intimacy are more likely to experience stress, depression, and other health problems. In this article, we will see 10 ways in which you can mend your sexless marriage and get your relationship back to track.

1. Prioritize your relationship

It is only normal that the couple both have their priorities, but the problem comes when one of them refuses to prioritize the other. This will lead to a situation where one party feels unimportant in the relationship. This also causes tension and even resentment because one partner is always willing to compromise and give in, but he or she doesn’t receive any benefit from that compromise.

Couples who find it difficult to prioritize their relationship should work on things they feel are more important. They can talk honestly with each other and make a list of what they feel are crucial issues that need urgent attention.

2. Bring back flirting with each other

Husbands and wives should be able to have a good time around each other. They can reminisce about their first date, talk about their friends, and what they have been up to lately. It is a way of putting the relationship back on track.

3. Be yourself, confident and playful 

One of the ways couples can fix their sexless marriage is by being confident in who they are as individuals. Being too much like what they wish others would see them as can eventually scare others away from them. People want to feel accepted for who they are, not only in their appearance but also in the way they act and behave around people.

Playfulness is also important in building up a couple’s trust. Husband and wife should make the effort to be playful with each other, even if it is just a smile or a laugh. If you can’t find time for this, then try and make it when you’re relaxing at home together.

4. Be open about what you want from your union

Both husband and wife need to know each other’s expectations from the marriage because they are different from what they may have first thought of. They have to know where their spouse’s boundaries are to keep it healthy.

5. Stop comparing

Both husband and wife should stop comparing themselves to their friends or neighbors. Comparing oneself to others is dangerous because it’ll cause one to feel inferior. If this is the case and one of the parties begins to feel like he/she is inferior to their spouse, it’s best that he or she sits down with their partner and has a talk about what went wrong.

6. Rekindle your love

Couples who have chores they don’t enjoy can do this to rekindle the passion they once had when they first met each other. Husbands who find themselves enjoying doing things around the house more than their wife might want to share the work with her, but they should also offer to help her instead of standing her up for it.

7. Schedule it

It is a common occurrence that couples get busy in their everyday lives which makes them forget about each other. Time is precious and should not be wasted, so couples should make time for each other even if it’s just a coffee date once every week or once every fortnight.

8. Have sex

People who have been deprived of sensation can feel an increase in libido. They may experience stress, anxiety, and depression which can cause sexual problems in marriage. If this is the case for you then go ahead and ask your partner to engage in foreplay because you need to get things going before you progress to the main act itself.

9. Cuddle more often

Couples should make an effort to cuddle with each other throughout the day. This will help boost the intimacy and eventually, they will find a way of communicating with one another face-to-face.

10. Shower together

Husbands and wives should shower together during the day or when they are on a schedule. This will relax them and they will also talk to one another while they do this. It will make them feel more connected to each other, especially if they are in a situation where they often have to spend time apart.

Sexless marriages can be fixed with some effort, and both parties must take an active role in doing so. Couples who have been getting along for years should always be open about what goes on between them because being honest increases the chances of fixing things before it gets worse.


Sexless marriages are usually caused when there is not enough communication between both parties. Couples who have been married for years should be sure to communicate openly with each other about what their expectations are from the relationship. They should also construct a list of what they feel are important issues that will take priority over their romantic relationships. It’s wonderful to be in love, but it’s even better if you find time to express it and make it happen.

Couples in sexless marriages can work on these things to rekindle things between them and get things back on track. They will be able to communicate better, have fun with each other, and get along before it gets worse.


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  1. Hello Amy,
    I’m married for 3 years. It was love marriage. We used to enjoy sex a lot in the beginning but with time it became a mundane activity. I don’t enjoy sex anymore. I love my husband very much, I don’t want to divorce him. Please help me to fix my sexless marriage.

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